Energy efficient urban planning

This section contains all information concerning the question how energy efficiency measures can be included in municipal urban planning in all stages of the process. The activities in INTENSE will include preparation of small scale projects in the partner municipalities, to show aspects of energy sound planning in practice. International experience exchange on holistic urban planning, of course, is also in important key to spreading ideas and knowledge, which will be carried out in this project.

Relevant for a municipal planner

  • Workshop report - Křtiny, 23-24 April, 2009 Download

    Get the report of the international workshop „Energy saving measures in municipalities - legal preconditions and holistic housing estate planning”, held in Křtiny, Czech Republic, in April 2009.


    A study visit was organised to demonstrate hoistic energy efficient urban planning instruments inpractice in Germany and how to reach the maximum energy performance of buildings, while maintaining the lowest energy consumption level.

  • Holistic Planning for energy optimized municipalities Download

    The background paper provides an historic overview and introduces to the basics and principles of energy sound urban planning of living quarters in municipalities.

  • Workshop Report - Koprivnica 24-25 February, 2010 Download

    Municipalities presented mini-project ideas on energy-optimised urban planning in the first partner workshop.