Communication to citizens

This section contains information for municipalities on how to encourage their citizens to save energy and to apply energy efficient practices. In this area, the activities of INTENSE will support the municipalities in developing own strategies on how to communicate this issue to the citizens successfully. 

Relevant for a municipal planner

Here, a municipal planner can find information on how to approach and involve citizens in energy saving measures.

  • Overview of awareness raising strategies Download

    This report addresses municipalities in Central and Eastern Europe. It has the goal to encourage them to strategically develop measures for citizens to save energy and to use it more efficiently.

  • Report: Workshops on communication strategies Download

    This report summarizes the discussion about the communication strategy lead on two events in Hamburg (Nov. 2009) and in Koprivnica (Feb. 2010).

  • "Energy efficiency in your home": Results from a survey in 12 CEE municipalities Download

    This publication presents the results from a survey that was conducted in 12 municipalities in Central and Eastern Europe. It outlines the current attitude and consumption patterns with regard to energy in citizens' homes.

  • Workshop Report - Koprivnica 24-25 February, 2010 Download

    Municipalities presented mini-project ideas on energy-optimised urban planning in the first partner workshop.