Project partners from Slovenia

More information about the Slovenian INTESE partners

REC Slovenia


The REC Slovenia has over 15 years tradition in supporting civil society organisations and their role in sustainable development. From this basic orientation the REC Slovenia broadened its activities from promotion of public participation and access to environmental information to promotion of inclusive governance and implementation of EU »partnership principle« in preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of regional and local development plans and projects (Structural Funds).

Already for few years the REC Slovenia has been involved in research initiatives and projects related to inclusive governance on EU level. On the regional and national level the REC's experts are providing assistance to local and national authorities and officials in establishing effective processes that enable the engagement and participation of citizens. On the other hand the REC facilitates consultation forums, and provides training and support to NGOs, municipalities and public organizations to effectively play their role in sustainable development.

In the field of energy efficiency REC Slovenia experience is limited to the recently finished project Efficient Implementation of Energy Services in SME’s  where the role of REC Slovenia has been to moderate and coordinate the activities of project partners and stakeholders as well as to promote the project and its results. 150 SMEs have been involved and have received targeted information on their energy consumption developments, tips to start reducing energy use and how to do it. Due to positive feedback a handful of companies began with introduction of first steps to save money and resources while increasing their energy efficiency. Disclosure of the data has been identified as a key criteria to enable market operator to make SME acquisition costs lower.

Ptuj, Slovenia

Municipality of Ptuj

The Municipality of Ptuj independently deals with local matters of public importance that are defined in the Statute according to the laws and other regulations. Main activities of Ptuj municipality: to manage Ptuj’s assets; to improve Ptuj’s economic development;  to create favourable conditions for building of housing and improve the social housing fund; to manage local public services; enable the development of nursery care, primary education and other education activities, sports and recreation; to improve health and social services; support research, culture and associations; protect air, soil, water, insure protection against noise and execute other activities concerning environmental protection; manage public order in Ptuj, etc.

In addition, the municipality of Ptuj executes assignments of state cognizance as defined by the law – mainly in the area of city development.

For Ptuj, the administrative, managerial and all other assignments are performed by the City Administration, lead independently by director. City administration is organized in the form of departments and public services. The main part of the proposed project will be managed by the Department for Infrastructure, with required help from other departments.

At present the municipality of Ptuj has no strategy for energy efficiency and municipal/private housing. Therefore Ptuj will be an ideal partner in this project to perform the tasks as the sample municipality in Slovenia in co-operation with the country co-ordinating partner, REC Country Office Slovenia.