Project partners from the Slovakia

More information about the Slovakia INTESE partners

REC Slovakia

The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) Country Office Slovakia (REC CO Slovakia)

The REC is a non-partisan, non-advocacy, not-for-profit international organisation established in 1990 with a mission to assist in solving environmental problems in Central and Eastern Europe. Through the REC country and field offices in each of its 17 beneficiary countries, it promotes cooperation among non-governmental organisations, governments, businesses, media and other environmental stakeholders, and supports the free exchange of information and public participation in environmental decision-making.Out of the 17 Country Offices in CEE Region, the Romanian one was among the firstly established in 1992.

Since the early beginnings of Romania’s transition to democracy, the grants schemes, the support for networking and training programs managed by REC Romania, ensured the emergence and growth of a diverse and active community of environmental NGOs. This NGO support mandate continues to be high on the priorities list of the Country Office, bearing in mind that Romanian government should engage in an open dialogue with the environmental civil society, on matters related to the EU Accession. Strategic partnerships have also been constantly created since 2000, with the Ministry of Environment, and its network of Regional and Local Environmental Agencies, who have benefited from the growing expertise of the office in climate change, waste management, public participation in water management and environmental investment planning - all these topic areas are of high importance for achieving conformity with EU Acquis.

Not at least importance, the technical assistance provided to local authorities in the form of LEAP (Local Environmental Action Plans), as cooperative planning mechanisms to promote sustainability and the know-how transferred to the business sector in areas of Energy Efficiency and Environmental Management Systems have increased the profile of REC Romania among these stakeholders, while in the same time, enabled REC to better understand the challenges and needs on the ground.

Within INTENSE project, REC Romania will operate as country coordinator, covering project activities carried out at national level.

Ružomberok, Slovakia

City of Ružomberok

The City of Ružomberok has about 30,000 inhabitants and is located in Northern Slovakia. The city is well known in Slovakia for industry, which is located in this region. The sector is mainly focused on timber industry, paper mill industry, textile industry and there is also production of construction materials (bricks). The measures of energy efficiency are very important with respect to the cold (mild-cold) climate region.

With regards to energy efficiency, Ružomberok has experience in retrofitting old buildings - of 10 per cent of the existing building stock has been retrofitted. The city is preparing a planning document “City Energy Plan” where main attention is given to energy management and existing infrastructure. The plan will bring information about heating distribution systems and the maintenance of energy supplies.


Many other projects are already implemented or are in preparation and cover the following topics:

-retrofitting of the city library and school (energy project);

-modernization of the public lightning system (energy);

-waste management projects;

-support for the cultural heritage and old house renovation (cultural) and others.

The City of Ružomberok is the sample municipality for Slovakia and in close co-operation with the country co-ordinator, the REC Country Office Slovakia, will participate in the project activities and will perform the foreseen tasks. Recently, the Energy Working commission was updated with information about the INTENSE implementation (05/2009).