Project partners from Hungary

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REC Hungary

REC Country Office Hungary (

The REC Country Office Hungary (REC COH) was founded in 1992. Similarly to the other country offices, REC COH is an independent unit with its own programme representing Hungary within the REC. The prime task of Country Office Hungary is to represent the REC within Hungary, in Hungarian. REC COH participates in the programs of the Headquarter and also implements its own initiatives, provides information and manages different supporting projects considering the Hungarian circumstances and demands. The program fields of the Country Office HungaryThere are several working fields of the Office, namely Sustainable Development (SD) and research in social and natural science, public participation and conflict resolution, cross-sector cooperation, capacity building, stabilization of democracy, water and environment, and sustainable water resource management.Other areas are education, training, organizational development in SD, environment and health, promotion of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources at homes, international cooperation and European Union Programs. The office coordinated the Kyoto in Home IEE project among the 5 REC COs.The COH is the focal point of the National Sustainable Consumption and Production Network (SCPN) from 2002 (UNEP initiative) pointed out by the Ministry for Environment. The network members are from the government, business, NGOs, academy and the media, app 80 organisations ( The National SCP Framework Program objectives and possible implementing areas came out in 2006 following the Marrakech process and the EU initiatives due to the deliberative process of the SCP policy and program development in Hungary. The office has expertise in evaluation of SD program and projects (SEA ROP of the NDP, Easy-Eco) and coordinates exchange of experiences in the 17 COs. The office has an FP-7 project, Deliberization of Sustainable Consumption and Production, 2008-2009 fitting to the main expertise and the mission.

Veszprém, Hungary

The municipality of Veszprém with 62,000 inhabitants is located in the Northern vicinity of the Lake Balaton and is represented by the Mayor’s office which amongst others is also responsible for the maintenance and development of the municipal infrastructure, particularly concerning construction and housing. The partner has excellent contacts with public authorities on all administrative levels, as well as architects and maintains good contacts and co-operation with other target groups of interest for the project. Due to its public relations and knowledge the municipality and the mayor’s office have specific regional experience on the topic, and can provide a quick and easy access for target groups and can help to spread the project results. The municipality can also regulate and raise awareness.


The main topics with regard to energy efficiency and private housing in the municipality are the willingness to use opportunities for applying greener technologies and energy sources, conducting assessments for heat consumption and being able to meet international standards with regard to energy efficiency, e.g. as required by EU regulations.


The municipality provides professional attention and financial resources for private owners to carry out renovations in order to gain energy efficiency. The municipality is the owner of water and heat supply company and has the control over all the public services regarding the area of the city. It will be the task for the municipality to participate in the project activities and to perform all tasks addressed to the municipalities as an example in Hungary and to provide its specific expertise throughout the project course.